Following are the goals to which the Deep Roots Coalition is committed, and on which it is focused:

  • The conservation and wise use of our precious water resources in the growing of wine grapes.
  • Creating more authentic and high-quality wines resulting from natural vine growth, i.e. without the unnecessary use of irrigation.
  • The use of organic and non-interventionist methods in the vineyard and in the cellar. e.g. greatly reducing or eliminating the use of toxic pesticides and fungicides in the vineyard. Minimal use of sulfites, and preferably no filtration of wines prior to bottling.
  • Following the requirements of the quality wine appellations in Europe- among which, irrigation of producing vineyards is not permitted.
  • Educating the wine-consuming public about the benefits of non-irrigated vineyards, in terms of both water conservation and wine authenticity.
  • Educating fellow vintners about the need to search out appropriate vineyard sites which allow them to avoid the need for irrigation.
  • Reaching out to other wine growers who share our mission and/or want to learn more about how to attain our goals.
  • Continuing research on dry farming which serves to validate our mission.